Hi, I’m Adam. I’m a designer and manager living in San Francisco. I love making products for Mac, iOS, and of course, the web.

I’m one hundred percent, totally, unquestionably a generalist. I’m not the strongest visual designer, although sometimes I surprise myself, I’m much more of an interaction designer. I code, and I love it, but I’m positively not the best at it. I love user research and am well-versed in its methodologies, especially quick and dirty methods that let me more quickly get to other parts of the design process I enjoy more. I love working with others to develop and focus the vision of products and services. Lastly, I love people — getting to know them, understanding them, working with them, and above all, enabling them. Like I said, I’m pretty much a generalist.



Jul 2016 — Present

As a Sr. Product Design Manager at Slack, I’m focused on design process development, hiring, and people management. I often find myself playing a number of different roles as a Product Design Manager, such as mentor, friend, bearer of bad news, career advisor, and proud colleague. Additionally, I work cross-functionally to develop and implement aspects of our evolving product development process. On the product side, I partner with Product Management on product direction, priorities, and execution.


Sep 2015 — Jul 2016

My role as the Senior Lead Designer and sole designer in the Research and Development team involved being a user researcher, visual designer, interaction designer, and product thinker across all projects in the Research team, of which there were many at one time.

Adam is a team player with intention behind every decision he makes. Well thought out decision making in his design and his management skills make sure customer and employees have an outstanding experience. It was an honor working with Adam and I hope to again in the future.

Shervin Shaikh


Apr 2013 — Sep 2015

I started at Palantir as a Product Designer and quickly moved to a Product Design Lead role where I lead projects and people working on many different products. In such a dynamic role, I found myself playing the typical generalist designer role where I created and led the first design initiated project to become an official engineering project. As a manager, I found myself playing the mentor, friend, bearer of bad news, career advisor, and proud colleague.

Adam is an excellent product designer. He has the perfect blend of logic, creativity, and systems-thinking — and his empathetic ability and communication skills are incomparable. This blend of talent and ability also makes him a truly excellent manager. He engenders a deep sense of trust, acknowledgment, and attentiveness with the people he leads, borne from a strong sense of personal and professional responsibility to care for —and elevate— those around him. I can’t wait to work with Adam again, and would do so at any opportunity.

Joshua Goldenberg

His nose for design craft/execution is impeccable, but he doesn’t lose the forest for the trees—his thoughts on product vision and strategy are insightful, and he’s shaped and reshaped how we think about many critical projects at Palantir.

Tony Poor

Have you ever worked with someone that you trust so completely that you yourself feel elevated and empowered in their presence? That is Adam to me. Adam the professional, the enabler, the fuel to the flame.

James Thompson


Feb 2010 — Apr 2013

As a Senior User Experience Designer, I collaborated closely with engineers, product manager, and fellow designers to elevate the user experience of GoToAssist, GoToMyPC, and worked on concepts for a brand new GoToMeeting experience. My work spanned across many platforms including the web, desktop (Mac & PC), and mobile.

I had the pleasure of working with Adam at Citrix between 2011 and 2013. Adam is not only a great interaction designer, but he is an excellent visual designer and front-end developer. He deeply understands design and software development. He works well with engineers, product teams and senior stakeholders. He thinks about the customer or end-user always and as a result his work is elegant, thought through across all platforms and delightful.

Margot Dear

Here’s why I recommend Adam: I recommend Adam because he loves design as a craft. He is a craftsman. He cares deeply about details that many other designers don’t even see. He consistently goes far beyond simply "good enough" because he is internally driven to create outstanding user experiences that delight people. Every screen, every transition, every pixel.

Kris Niles

I constantly sought Adam’s counsel and review during my projects. His intimate knowledge of Mobile design helped us pave the way for our mobile apps at Citrix Online. He is a great teacher and often challenged me and others to think differently about how to approach a solution.

Jeremy Johnson

In my time working with Adam, I was always impressed with how completely he could see the design problem at hand, how he always kept his focus on the users needs, and how well he was able to communicate those needs (and their reasons) to stakeholders.

If for some reason, you want to learn even more about my work history, like the time I started a company with a couple of fellow graduate students or the time I worked as a user experience researcher, you can check out nearly every role I’ve played on my LinkedIn profile.